There is nothing more daunting for a new author than to get the message out about his/her new book and have people review it and recommend it to others. That’s why I created this blog, to help those people get their names and books into more parts of the Internet and, by extension, to more people.


It’s also a pain to find a book that looks interesting from an author you’ve never heard of before (and you are willing to give new authors a shot, right?), pay for it, then find out it isn’t what you want to read at all. Whether for poor language, violence, explicit content, or just plain boring, you suddenly wish you hadn’t bought the book in the first place. This blog will help root out those books too.


Arbitro117 is your average college student who loves to read, especially fantasy and sci fi. Yeah, he read The Lord of the Rings in 3rd grade…. not that he understood a single word of it… anything to get your parents to let you see the movie, right?


Arbitro117 has travelled many worlds and conquered many foes alongside the main characters populating these worlds. Recently, with the help of his sidekick “Kindle”, he has decided to read lots of fantasy at no cost to the paper trees. He has also decided to start this blog to tell of his adventures to other adventurous adventurers who wish to embark on the same adventure of reading… Unseen Tales.



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