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Reimagination Sensation

Many people wonder where the original inspiration for popular books comes from. The truth as many authors will tell you, it that the original idea has been re-written, re-edited, re-envisioned, and sometimes tossed aside completely. You may have read the published and reimagined versions of these classic stories. These were their original working titles and plots pre-reimagining.


Hairy Potter: The story of a caveman that discovers ceramics, which sets him at odds with his aunt and uncle, who believe that his work is nothing more than mud-pies and magic.


The Wheel of Thyme: The epic adventures of a famous chef who dies midway through his ridiculously long cookbook series, but don’t worry, another chef will step up to finish the books.


Poke a Hauntess: The story of a sex predator who friends a vengeful Native American ghost girl on Facebook.


Lorde of the Rings: A young singer and songwriter and her tennis court team endeavor to become royals through glory and gore. The Lorde of the Rings will not stop until it has created one ringtone to rule them all.


The Fault in our Star: An epic space adventure of apocalyptic size where the discovery of tectonic plates on the Sun’s crust and an impending super-massive “sun-quake” threatens to destroy the solar system.


Inheritance Cycle: A Free Rider destroys all the other Free Riders and crowns himself King of all the land. A Young farmer boy discovers a blue stone in the woods and decides he hates poverty and reignites the order of the Free Riders and begins to write himself into the wills of every race he can find, beginning with a prestigious dwarf clan.


The Princess and the Fog: A promising horror novel where an island kingdom is covered in thick fog and the spirits of the dead return to take revenge on the inhabitants for burning their ship. A Princess kisses the fog in an attempt to break the curse and turn it into a prince.


Cider Man: A historical fiction based on Isaac Newton’s years at High School. One day, while visiting a laboratory, a radioactive apple falls on his head, giving him the ability to walk on walls and shoot streams of apple juice from his wrists.


The Red Badger of Courage: King Vortigern must choose what his emblem shall be in the coming war with the Saxons. His wise men tell him that a badger will rally the men better than a dragon would. A young Merlin disagrees. Who will win?


Churrasco Park: A fun barbeque-themed park turns sour when the reanimated food escapes confinement and begins to eat the tourists.


Judged by the Cover- City of Bones

I came up with a new idea and this book was suggested to me by a friend. So against the saying that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, this is City of Bones, by Cassandra Claire.


Based on the cover, City of Bones is about a giant man’s pecs and lips who flashes (literally shines!) an entire city. He does so, possibly in an act of protest against cities made of bones. This city of course builds its infrastructure from the bones of such giants, maybe even this giant’s friends and family (hence the protesting). The book is “funny” (possibly meaning odd or silly), “dark” (as shown by the shadowy bony skyscrapers) and “sexy” (the man’s bare chest and golden locks).

This brings several questions to my mind. How do they find so many bones to create their city? Do they use femurs as the main framework; phalanges for nails and screws; hips and scapulae for foundations and walls? Is the race of giants an endangered species? Are virgin female giants preferred and harvested at age 25, when their hips are fully widened and osteoporosis/pregnancy begun to degenerate the bones (thus compromising the integrity of the structure)?

And what is this part about “Mortal Instruments”? Does that refer to the giants?

((DISCLAIMER: Bones do not make good houses for people. In the interests of giants everywhere, please do not take up residency inside of them. Thank you for your consideration.))

The book is a bestseller, so with all of these questions in mind let’s dive into the anatomical wonderland that is: City of Bones. 

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